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.:?wanna see the hottest around?:.

HoTtIes R Us

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.x. be as harsh as you want.x.
.x. dont be afraid to tell the truth.x.
.x. dont say yes to your friends. actually take the time to read the application, and look at the pictures. if you honestly dont like your friends app then tell them.x.
.x. dont say no just because ur not cool wif sumone. If they have a good application, and good pictures dont be a totall bia and say no.x.
.x. be active. [if u go outa town or something, were u cant git 2 a computer post about that].x.
.x. HaVe FuN.x.
.x. PlEaSe TeLl 2 OtHeR cOmMuNiTiEs/UsErS AbOuT uS. WhEn YoU do MaKe SuRe U NotIfy a MOD.x.
.x. everyone is allowed to say anything, or critisize about everything .x.
.x. No PrOmOtINg OtHer CoMmUnItIes IN OUR COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!! .X.

.x.you must be at least 13 to apply.x.
.x.don't get an attitude with ANY OF THE MODS, or i may consider banning you! .x.
.x.you may comment on anyother entries besides applications if you have not been accepted.x.
.x.application must be behind lj-cut (if you don't know how, leave a comment on my lj and i'll tell you).x.
.x.when applying, you must put "tell me im hot!" in the subject line to show you read the rules.x.
.x.you must answer all questions on the application .x.
.x.you have to apply within 48 hours (after you join).x.
.x.you'll be either accepted or rejected two days after joining.x.
.x.if you're rejected, you can apply again in 2 days with new pictures.x.
.x.if you get rejected a second time, i wouldn't bother coming back .x.
.x. if someone doesnt like you... HUNNY GET OVER IT .x.

^^ copy and paste that


001: ashley_x0x013 [{\Head Mod/}] -

002: samantha363 [Info Mod] -

003: kaitlynmciver [auto accept] -
004: guns_and_r0ses [auto accept] -
005: mandii_xo ///> __she_says__ [auto accpet] -
006: pinkatheart [auto accept] -
007: ruthless_girl[auto accept] -
008: meaganmckenzie
009: jupiters_mj [stamp mod] -

010: a_wasted_mind [auto accept] -
011: kenzibobenzi -
012: krgrkid1428 -
013: 1_good_reason -
014: jamijean25 -
015: locked_up_rebel
016: _igot_it_bad
017: xplastic_heart
018: gorjus_gherlie
020: magicalmullet
021: biggmone
022: setupforletdown
023: x_sippinon40z
024: x__stand_again
025: tylercarr84
026: thrice6374



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